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About Water for Waslala

Water for Waslala is dedicated to providing the funds and technical expertise needed to construct cost-effective, sustainable potable water projects in Waslala, Nicaragua that improve public health, increase educational attainment, and facilitate economic development.

What is Waslala?

Waslala, roughly fifteen times the land area of Manhattan, is a remote region located in central Nicaragua.


Waslala is home to 56,000 residents, most of whom live in the 90 rural villages outside the town center. Nearly all communities are only accessible by hiking or riding mules for hours through the humid rainforest.

Waslala History

Waslala was center stage during the US-funded Nicaraguan Contra war of the 1980s, which destroyed what little infrastructure was present in the region.

Waslala People

Today, most Waslalans earn less than $2/day, have a fourth-grade education, and lack access to even the most basic human needs: clean water, electricity, telephones, sanitation, and health care.

Water Crisis

Over 56,000 people living in the rural municipality of Waslala, Nicaragua, do not have access to clean drinking water.

Human Impact

Waslala has the highest child mortality rate in the Central American region. Man men, women and children die each year from diseases caused by contaminated drinking water.