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The Joseph Fund

We are extremely proud to introduce our second charitable partner, The Joseph Fund. Their commitment to community development and sheltering the homeless of Camden, NJ has inspired this warm line of neckties. These cotton knits remind us of the importance of warmth during the cold winter months and utilize colors and patterns that tell Camden's story.



About the Joseph Fund

The Joseph Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of the people of Camden, New Jersey, by providing affordable home-ownership and neighborhood development. Through education initiatives, The Joseph Fund encourages people to take charge of their lives and become active community members. The Joseph Fund currently supports six separate ministries (detailed below).

Child Development Center

The Child Development Center is open to all families and provides year-round pre-school programs for three and four year olds, Monday through Friday. Here, children learn basic skills in reading, math, language skills and even basic computer skills. As important, they learn vital social skills and are nurtured in a loving, supportive learning environment.

Joseph's House

Joseph’s House provides an overnight refuge during the winter months, providing a warm meal and a place to rest, links people in need to social services, and works toward providing housing to those most in need. Nearly 50 people are served each night while connections to social services are available year-round.

Lifting Up Camden's Youth

This after school, evening and weekend program for the City’s youth provides a safe place for teens to gather, to gain valuable life skills, increase confidence and get academic instruction, spiritual and social support. Participants also learn about the importance of service and giving back to the community and enact that learning through various community service activities.

Romero Center's Ministires

Romero Center Ministries provide community service opportunities for young people from around the country, where their journeys of faith and service are nurtured. More than 14,000 high school and college students have come to the Center to learn about systemic poverty and to deepen their understanding of the call to serve those in need.

Carpenter Society

The Carpenter Society, established in 1986, converts abandoned buildings into affordable homes, develops land and builds new homes in newly established neighborhoods, supports community development, and is changing the landscape of East Camden. Through the Homeowner’s Academy, prospective homeowners learn the skills necessary to be long term responsible homeowners and community leaders.

Elementary School

Now part of the Catholic Partnership Schools, representing five elementary schools in the City, our school provides a nurturing, ennobling and empowering educational experience to boys and girls from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, boasting exemplary graduation rates and providing scholarship programs to local Catholic high schools and technical schools.