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Meet the Knots Team

Brian Bozzo, Founder

Brian is the founder of Knots and a former director of the board for Water for Waslala, our first partnering charity. An aerospace engineer by day, Brian is excited to to bring his vision for Knots to life. He was first introduced to Water for Waslala during his undergraduate experience at Villanova University and has been to Nicaragua many times since then. He adamantly believes that Knots Apparel will succeed because it represents a unique combination of his love for design, entrepreneurship and community service. He believes the modern consumer defines themselves by more than just their personal style and is excited to put this theory to the test.

PJ McAward, Co-Founder

PJ is the co-founder of Knots and a recovering CPA. Bringing Knots to life has been an energizing breathe of fresh air. PJ believes that companies likes TOMS and Warby Parker have redefined how consumers think about the goods they purchase. They have proven that incorporating giving into their business models has not impeded growth, but instead been the very engine for their success. PJ is beyond excited to grow Knots Apparel Co into a business that will someday been seen in the same light! With its combination of inspired designs and philanthropic purpose, PJ is confident that Knots Apparel is destined for success. PJ’s only passions that can compete with working on Knots are: his growing family, his love for his Alma Mater, the University of Notre Dame, and glassy shoulder high waves at sunrise.