The Cooper Street

The Cooper Street


Cooper Street is a major artery that runs through the Pyne Poynt Neighborhood of Camden, one of its original settlements. The historical significance of Camden’s Old Cooper Street was once home to prominent senators, doctors, an attorney general and one of the world’s most famous publishers. The old gravel road was impressively maintained and kept dustless by a sprinkling cart that would moisten the terrain. It once housed a German Beer Garden that attracted many Philadelphians.

The Cooper Street incorporates our trademark heads-tail design and its distinct blue herringbone pattern would have been commonly worn by residents of Pyne Poynt in the late 19th century.

  • Blue Herringbone Tweed
  • Handmade
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hand wash only
  • Low heat/steam iron
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Currently, The Joseph Fund is working hard to provide housing, food and companionship for Camden’s homeless and development for its youth. Your purchase will help move these projects forward, improving the quality of life for many citizens of this American city. Learn More.