San Benito

San Benito


San Benito is a small agricultural village in Waslala, a remote region of Nicaragua infamous for its lack of access to clean water. Here, families would begin their day by traveling several miles in crude sandals to collect water from a stream contaminated by animal waste. Water would be collected at the beginning of the day and rationed so that more trips weren’t necessary. Since implementing a gravity-fed water system that delivers potable water to tap stands at familial households and communal locations, the people of San Benito can use water as needed without having to fear water born illness.

The San Benito utilizes a traditional single fabric design with contrast tipping featuring our trademark infinity knot.

  • Large Navy Blue Gingham
  • Handmade
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hand wash only
  • Low heat/steam iron
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Right now, Water for Waslala has four unfunded water system projects, set to benefit over 1,000 Waslalans. Your purchase will help move these projects forward, improving access to clean water and reducing the proliferation of water born illnesses. Learn More.