The Camden Check

The Camden Check


The Carpenter Society has accomplished many great things for the city of Camden, which was once abundant with city blocks filled with rundown or abandoned town homes. In the cobblestoned neighborhood surrounding Cooper Plaza, they have refurbished and modernized many homes and are offering them to low income families at prices that will enable monthly payments below the average rental rates. Additionally, they have installed solar panels on these modernized row homes to save Camden families over $1,000 every year.

The Camden Check incorporates our trademark heads-tail design and utilizes a classic gingham that reminds us of the solar panel arrays present in many of Camden's newly refurbished neighborhoods.

  • Carolina Gingham/Natural Linen
  • Handmade
  • Cotton linen
  • Dry clean only
  • Low heat/steam iron
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Currently, The Joseph Fund is working hard to provide housing, food and companionship for Camden’s homeless and development for its youth. Your purchase will help move these projects forward, improving the quality of life for many citizens of this American city. Learn More.