El Agua Bow

El Agua Bow


Sweat cascades down your face as you hike for miles through the mountainous Nicaraguan countryside. The humidity worsens your exhaustion and you’ve finished all of the stream water you purified with iodine. Your thirst is a reminder of why you’ve come – Waslalan’s make this journey daily for potable water.  Finally, your steps become heavy with mud. Not far ahead, a crystal blue pool of water shines in the sun, ready to be surveyed and prepped for development. It is time to bring clean water to the people of Waslala!

El Agua  features a beautiful shade of blue reminiscent of a clean source of water.

  • Deep Blue
  • Handmade
  • Cotton linen
  • Hand wash only
  • Low heat/steam iron
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Right now, Water for Waslala has four unfunded water system projects, set to benefit over 1,000 Waslalans. Your purchase will help move these projects forward, improving access to clean water and reducing the proliferation of water born illnesses. Learn More.