La Pureza

La Pureza


After a three hour drive across unpaved roads in the back of a pickup truck, five hours of horseback riding and three hours of hiking, you finally arrive at the village's only clean source of water. As you begin to assess the water's quality, you reflect on the sad irony that much more accessible sources exist if not for floating particulate that can cause major health issues. Immediately, you begin thinking of a ceramic filtration system that could enable the use of unprotected rivers to provide more efficient water systems.

La Pureza incorporates our trademark heads-tail design and uses a chambray pin dot pattern that reminds us of the importance of a water source's purity.

  • Pin Dot Chambray/Natural Linen
  • Handmade
  • Cotton linen
  • Dry clean only
  • Low heat/steam iron
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Right now, Water for Waslala has four unfunded water system projects, set to benefit over 1,000 Waslalans. Your purchase will help move these projects forward, improving access to clean water and reducing the proliferation of water born illnesses. Learn More.