My Unsolicited Advice to New Fathers, but Especially to Brian Bozzo

We go way back! Long before he was my partner at Knots Apparel, Brian and I were true partners in crime.  We met in high school on the cross-country team and have been best buds ever since.  We’ve really been through it all together!

Brian and his wife are expecting their first child in a matter of weeks.  So as Father’s Day approaches, I felt it was only appropriate impart a couple of nuggets that I’ve learned in my few short years as a father. Those that know me, know that I jump at any opportunity to give unsolicited advice.  The fact that this is going to be so public makes it even more irresistible! So here we go:

PJ’s Unsolicited Advice on to all new fathers, but especially Brian Bozzo.....

PJ McAward