About Their Mission

The Children’s Cancer Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving families of children who have cancer or chronic blood disorders with emotional, financial, and educational support necessary to cope with their life-threatening illness.

Children’s Cancer Center was founded in 1974. Mac and Cecile Burnett, who lost their daughter Helen to leukemia, and Dr. Janifer M. Judisch envisioned an organization that would help alleviate the stress of coping with a child’s life-threatening disease.

The philosophy of the original founders was that when a child is diagnosed, the entire family is really diagnosed. Therefore, our programs and services address the needs of all family members affected.

Core Programs

Big Buddy- The sibling of a child diagnosed with cancer or a chronic blood disorder is matched with a first year medical student at USF in one –to- one mentor relationships for a calendar year.

Counseling- Families are able to receive counseling upon their request through several area counseling centers that have partnerships with CCC. Individual, marital, child, and family therapy are available.

Fueling Families Fund- Assists families of children diagnosed with cancer or chronic blood disorders by providing gas and grocery gift cards to lighten their financial burdens twice during a calendar year.

Kite Camp- Cancer- Monday through Friday summer day camp filled with field trips, education, & unique opportunities held at the CCC. This camp is for children on active treatment for cancer and their siblings. Both diagnosed children and siblings must be between the ages 5-12 years old.

Love Bundles- Care packages for children who have recently been diagnosed with cancer are delivered to the hospital/clinic. Each bundle is created to each child’s individual interests with toys, comfort items and games. Information on CCC is also included for the parents.

Music Therapy- – sessions scheduled with a certified Music Therapist, using music as a tool for assisting with expression and coping skills. Available to diagnosed children, siblings, parents and the family as a whole.

Oncology (Cancer) Family Connection Group- A time for families with a child on active treatment for cancer to come together with other families in a safe place away from the hospital to enjoy dinner, receive resources and fellowship.

Outreach- Hospital – CCC Program and Family Services staff visit the clinics/hospitals regularly as volunteers to help provide recreational and comfort items bedside or in clinics as well as to provide educational information on the CCC. Community Outreach– Quarterly Programs offered in Sarasota/Bradenton for families who have a child diagnosed with cancer that include food, activities and special entertainment.

Parents’ Day/ Night Out– Providing parents with much needed time for themselves. Children (diagnosed with cancer or chronic blood disorders, survivors) 12 years and under are dropped off at the CCC for supervised fun and games while parents enjoy some time out.

SAIL- Students Achieving through Interactive Learning is an education based program open to all children (diagnosed with cancer or chronic blood disorders and siblings) hosted on most Saturdays at the CCC. Homework assistance is provided as well as activities focusing on art, music, drama, sports and science.

Scholarships- KNEAD for Knowledge program - scholarships are available for young adults that have been diagnosed with cancer before the age of 21 or have a chronic blood disorder.